We believe everyone deserves fair credit. Vast majority workers with low income have been left underserved from formal financial institutions which leads to vicious illegal loans cycle. We want to solve this problem for blue-collar workers by designing just right credit products together with the power of technology and alternative data.

For Employer

Improve Productivity

Financial problem is the key reason for work distraction. Noburo helps relive financial burden on illegal loan repayment.

Easy & Convenient

Working with us is simple, singing us an MOU and support the payroll deduction, and Noburo will take care of the rest.

No risk

No risk or obligation on company side. In case of loan default, we have collection team to take care of this issue.

For Employee

Credit Product

Noburo provide credit products, just right for employee lifestyle to solve short-term financial problem.


Need consultation on your financial problem, consult us. We will help you with illegal loan financial restructuring.

Better Life

Going through our wellness program, you will escape from indebtness and reborn with financial freedom.

Core Features

Flexible Credit Products

We heavily researched on working-class people financial lifestyle, so we design our credit products to solve the financial problem and improve their life over time.

Alternative Credit Scoring

Noburo utilize work performance data and time attendance to the underwriting scoring model. People with no credit or bad credit will have a second chance.

Social Mechanism

We use social mechanism like group lending or psychology influence to build better financial behavior and peer financial management.

Credit Products

Our tailor-made credit products designed to help employees from high interest rate payment of illegal loan. We charges interest rate 15% - 25% depends on the credit risk and product type.


10-30 days Loan, repay back at payroll.


3-6 months Loan for occational expense.


Loan for any unexpected emergency issue in life. Longer credit term of 12 months.


Interested in Noburo? Please send us a message (using a form below) or contact us by email: contact@noburo.co.

Employers who join our program can access to our system to see statistics and employee-performance information.

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We want to build a company where everyone feels proud of working their ass off because their hard work does not only making impact, it changes lives. It transforms the way people live, think and believe. That's why we are working hard to make sure we are embracing such culture.


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